Friday, September 21, 2018

We've Heard You: NACAC Board Will Propose Changes to New Membership Model

Over the past few weeks, on the NACAC Exchange and various social media platforms, there has been a vigorous and sometimes difficult discussion about our proposed new membership model. The Board of Directors has been listening closely to the conversation, and we have heard the concerns from those who believe that some of the proposed changes would adversely affect certain segments of the membership.

The board has met twice during the last 10 days and, during a call Monday evening, voted unanimously to revise the proposed model to address two of the most discussed provisions. These revisions would change the language in the proposed membership model in order to:

* retain member categories to ensure that individual school counselors working in institutions that do not support their NACAC membership still have the opportunity to be members of the association, with different dues for voting and nonvoting status; and

* retain voting privileges for retired members. 

Because the conference is just one week away, these proposed changes will have to be made via motions from the floor at the Annual Membership Meeting. Here are the motions that we have drafted:

*Motion for individual member categories
*Motion for retired members’ voting privileges

I encourage you to review and consider these new motions, along with the proposed membership model itself, before the Annual Membership Meeting on Saturday, Sept. 29.

I believe in the value of our method of decision-making as an organization. The proposed membership model arose through an effort that included more than a year of study over the course of two boards, the help of a consultant specializing in membership strategy and research, multiple financial models for comparison, and consultation with sections of member-leaders via surveys at key intersections.

Putting items like this to the membership directly for a vote highlights that they are too important to be left to small groups behind closed doors. I’m sincerely pleased we are having this conversation now; it has been a very good thing—the sign of an engaged organization and a reminder of how dedicated and caring our members are.

Along with the Board of Directors, I also believe that, with the revisions put forth Monday evening, we have developed a powerful model for membership that can help NACAC attract new members, remain strong and continue to grow, and improve the overall member experience for all. 

Thanks again for your engagement in this important conversation. I look forward to seeing many of you in Salt Lake City next week.

David Burge
NACAC President

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