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PCACAC Admission Practices Committee's February Case Study - Multiple Choice Questions

As part of the PCACAC AP Committee's desire to proactively discuss ethics, we are sending out monthly "case studies." In these cases, we typically offer a situation and discuss whether the issue is in compliance with NACAC's Statement of Principles of Good Practices (SPGP).
And now for something completely different...This month's case study is a multiple choice competition. Anyone who would like to participate should submit answers to by Feb 28. Those with the most right answers will be entered in a raffle for a $25 gift card. Correct answers and the winner will be announced in early March. Remember, if you have a question about a situation or SPGP, please contact a member of the AP Committee.

1.       Which of the following is NOT a Core Value of NACAC's SPGP:
a.       Professionalism
b.       Education
c.       Collaboration
d.       Social Responsibility
e.       All are core values of SPGP

2.       Which of the following is NOT a Member Convention of NACAC's SPGP:
a.       Members will make protecting the best interests of all students a primary concern in the admission process
b.       Members will provide accurate admission and financial aid information to students, empowering all participants in the process to act responsibly.
c.       Members will be ethical and respectful in their counseling, recruiting and enrollment practices.
d.       Members will look to provide confusing and inaccurate information to students and families in order to make the admission process as intimidating as possible. 
e.       Members will support a common set of admission-related definitions and deadlines.

3.       NACAC's SPGP does NOT provide an ethical framework for which constituents in the admission process?
a.       Admission Officers
b.       School Counselors
c.       Independent Counselors
d.       Students and Families going through the admission process
e.       Organizations that work with admission offices

4.       You can contact the PCACAC Admissions Practices Committee for which of the following situations?
a.       You encounter a practice that seems weird and you wonder if it is ethical
b.       You encounter a practice that is clearly a violation
c.       You are concerned that the SPGP needs clarification
d.       Your office is considering a new practice and would like to explore ethical issues of the practice
e.       All the above

5.       If you make an allegation or a complaint, which of the following is true?
a.       The member against whom you make an allegation will be told your name
b.       Your name, professional affiliation, position and even gender will not be shared
c.       Your name will be published on the PCACAC website celebrating your ethical integrity
d.       You will receive a Certificate of Integrity to post on your office wall

6.       In an admission letter dated February 14, Great U writes to a student, "Congratulations. Because we love your community engagement, we would like to offer you a Service Scholarship for $5,000. Please reply within thirty days to confirm your acceptance of this scholarship." What is the SPGP issue in this situation?
a.       The practice of thirty days reply is manipulating the May 1 common reply date
b.       Colleges should not be offering scholarship in an admission letter
c.       The letter needs to state May 1 explicitly
d.       There is no issue-colleges can have any deadline for a scholarship
e.       Both A and C

7.       MostPopular U is looking at the options they have for the admission process and wants to be creative in the admission options they offer students next year. Which of the following application plans are NOT allowed by the Statement of Principles of Good Practice?
a.       MostPopular First Choice Commitment
b.       MostPopular Earliest Early Action
c.       MostPopular Restrictive Regular Decision
d.       MostPopular Last Chance Admission
e.       All of the above

8.       A university has required a housing deposit in order for admitted students to hold a space in on-campus housing prior to the National Candidate Reply Date of May 1. Is this a violation of SPGP?
a.       No, housing is not a purview of the admission office
b.       No, so long as the housing deposit is refundable
c.       Yes, regardless of whether or not the housing deposit is refundable
d.       It depends.

9.       What does SPGP Mandatory Practice I. A. 2 state?
a.       All post secondary members agree that they will not use disparaging comparisons of secondary or postsecondary institutions
b.       All counseling members agree that they will not use disparaging comparisons of secondary or postsecondary institutions
c.       All members agree that they will not use disparaging comparisons of secondary or postsecondary institutions 
d.       All members agree that they will accurately represent and promote their schools, institutions, organizations, and services
e.        None of the above

10.   Joanie was crushed when she was put on the wait list at her first choice college. She deposited at her second choice which had offered her a nice financial aid package. On May 2nd, she was thrilled to receive a call from her first choice college. Which scenario is acceptable under the SPGP?
a.       The admission officer said there was not much money left in the financial aid budget so he could not tell her what her package would be, but he needed her to respond  by the end of the day on May 3rd.
b.       The admission officer followed up with a written email acceptance offer, but no award letter. He gave Joanie three days to respond.
c.       The admission officer let Joanie know she would receive an email the next day with her acceptance and award letter.  She would have a week to respond.
d.       All of the above.

If you wish to file a complaint, please complete a NACAC Confidential Complaint form. All personal information will be kept confidential, but the information will be forwarded to the appropriate affiliate AP Committee. This committee will follow up on the issue. 
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